Building a Better Browser Together

Introducing the Project Sparrow Browser
Fast. Smart. Safe.

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The Fastest Browser on Viasat Internet

Our top priority with Project Sparrow is to make a faster browser by thinking about the web differently. Already faster than leading browsers, our innovative technology learns how to surf faster the more you use it.
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A Smarter Browser for the Evolving Internet

Viasat built a smarter way to surf the web. Using artificial intelligence, we rethought how browsers work and built new technology that allows Project Sparrow to study and learn webpages in order load the internet in a better way than other browser.

A Safe Browser to Protect Your Privacy & Data

Built on the same opensource platform as Chrome, it employs all the security features you expect. In addition, we have built in Ad-blocking for an even safer experience. Web surfing is made more secure by preventing malware and internet trackers from loading.

A Browser that Works Better Together

Project Sparrow is the first browser to crowdsource the internet so that together, we can make it better for everyone. As the community grows, it gets faster and smarter so that together, we all help improve the web for the larger Sparrow user base.

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